Each year Mission E4 works to identify our Big 4 highest priority projects to complete. Here are the four projects that we are focusing on in 2019.

New Elementary School Building - Baussan, Haiti

In October of 2013, we opened a school in the village of Baussan. We began with 70 school children in Kindergarten and first grade. We began this project out of a small, rented building. As of 2018, this school has grown to include preschool through 5th grade, with almost 250 students!

In 2019, we will be purchasing a new piece of land and building a larger, temporary building on that property. The first phase of this project (in 2019) will cost us $70,000, with a total project cost of $170,000 (over the course of 5-years). 

Center for Community Development - Worcester, MA

Although the final inspection process is taking a little longer than we hoped, we plan to close on our Worcester property before November 1st. The first phase of our work is to clean up the existing buildings and put them into use for our weekly children and youth programs in the city. We will be working to complete this by the end of 2018. 

In 2019, we will begin the construction of a new, 4,400 square foot building on the property. Not only will this serve the longer-term needs of our children and youth programs in Worcester but will also allow us to provide services for the families within this community. The estimated cost of this project is $485,000.

Mami Lynn's Home for Boys - Fauche, Haiti

We continue to raise the needed funds to bring Mami Lynn's Home for Boys to completion. Although, we have had boys in the home for these past seven years, we still have the following things still to finish:

·      Upgrade kitchen with propane system for refrigerator and stove - $2,500

·      Electrical to the orphanage, including the completion of a generator house - $14,000

·      Ceramic tiles for all rooms - $5,800

·      Finish permanent exterior walls for property - $19,000

·      Needed maintenance and upgrades on existing building - $4,300

Total needed to complete Mami Lynn's Home for Boys $45,600

Finish the Construction of Elementary School - Fauche, Haiti

This 8700-square foot school building will provide large individual classrooms and a spacious open-air meeting area for 350 children (Preschool-6). We will have four, of our ten, classrooms completed by the end of January. We hope to raise and allocate the final $38,000 to finish this building by the end of 2019.

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